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listenin' to nola darlin' on oz
while watchin' pink floyd on tv...
whoa, summa you know whut im talkin' 'bout.
cant wait to play it all backwards.

we're plannin' a tailgate type thing
at the bonfyres in gramercy on the 24th.
let me know if you're interested in joinin' us.
is there anybody out there ???

whut a week...
betty page, now deep throat.
snow, now humid.
had shoes, now i dont
(been practicin' in the yard,
my aim is gettin' better).
vinnie had hair, now he doesn't.
i couldn't say blogojvich, now i can.
wasn't goin' to the inauguration, now i might.
i wasn't a gitmo detainee, now i am
(gonna make bright err'nge scrubs a fashion statement).
go, dj jen b., go
zat you ???

happy x-mas
war is over
if you want it.


shoes are needed...

 mail a shoe...

Bush Library
c/o SMU
6425 Boaz Lane
Dallas, Texas

just because you can,


i've left...

i finally read the 'rules'  for
the lj new orleans community
and realized i was breaking all
of them.  so i left the community.
'cuz i dont know how to follow
the rules.  i throw my shoe at rules.

i guess i want to throw a shoe at
many things.  i throw a shoe at GM.
i throw a shoe at FORD.  i throw a shoe at
MERILL LYNCH.  i throw a shoe at
GOLDMAN SACHS.  at nagin.
at redlite cameras an' crime cameras that
dont work.  ...is that a crime?

 i mail a shoe to the bush library,
sumwhere at SMU, sumwhere in texas.

i threw a shoe at the television,
cuz i cant understand how FORD can
put so many F'ing F-150 commercials on it
when they are 'hurtin' so bad'.  im gonna
need more shoes.

and i throw a shoe at this guy, for reasons
that are obvious.



Bettys gone...an i dont
feel so good myself.


thanks...part 5

thanks...part 4

we had a wonderful thanksgivin' dinner.
a buffet at the hotel.
beef, pork, ham...
taters, squash, beans...
strawberries w/ chocolate fountain (mmm) ...
the natives brought corn


thanks... part 3

give much thanks !!!



thanks... part 2

first, i must apologize to my wife for
the steak an' poke chop comment
in the last post...  it made
her seem uppity... which she is not,
considering she is from 'royal' stock.

 second, we stopped at the martha washington inn (abingdon, va.).
very warm an' comfortable... so i'd like to thank martha for
the hospitality after a long days travel.

thirdly, its verry cold up here... i'd like to thank the concierge 
for finding us some heavier clothing (wool that smells of 
fourthly, we will have thanksgivin' dinner at this next hotel.
so i would like to thank all the little people who've gotten us here!
stick a fork in 'er... shes done...
thank you,



we are goin' to frigid virginia
for thanksgivin'...
a proper place, i guess,
since my wife has traced her family lineage
to jamestowne (huh?),
an' the mayflower (whut?).

she has photos, but i cant upload 'em right now (?)

i have to keep remindin' her that...
her steak aint no betta' than my poke chop, an'
her cadillac aint no betta' than my bus stop, an'
her champagne aint no betta' than my soda pop,
'cuz baby, i'm QUALIFIED.
so, give thanks an' remember
just dont look into her eyes...


re-naming the re-name...

the financial institution is becoming
a big success. my land line rings
ten times daily w/ offers for $$$...
my mailbox is overflowing w/
offers for $$$.
i dont understand how so many
investors have found out about
my new business venture, as i've
only posted of it
a couple of times here on l.j.

('scuse me, phones ringin')

sorry, just a ring letting me know
i can get $$$ for 0%.
fortunately, i have more help than i need.
                                                                     (not actual pile!)
anyways, w/ so much national and international help,
i now believe the new name should be
Crescent City 1st Global Social Aide 'n' Pleasure Bank and Trust

"for backyard pharmers, starvin' artists, street musicians, an'
unpublished writers",
our first business venture will be an ATM at the
2nd Annual Po'boy Fest.

in need of a verry large sign,