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i like to think
i am a simple man,
reducing ideas to the least
common denominator.

thinking about but,
not really worrying about...
problems much bigger than i,
enigmas wrapped around quagmires.

for example,
rather than give the BIG 3 $billions...
each taxpayer should
receive a coupon for a vehicle.

instead of giving WALL ST.
$billions, give each taxpayer
a voucher to invest.

this i believe,
would help every ONE of us...
as a whole.

we have national problem
with gun violence...
and gun owners want to keep
their guns... just stop making 
the ammo.

again, simple ideas from 
a simple thinking man.

bombs in GAZA...
two of the oldest religions in
the world, fighting for thousands
of years. it sounds as if the zealots
are the problem. these zealots should
evolve into some sort of monk-like theology,
similar to their neighbors to the east.
be spiritual leaders of people and
not warriors for land.

to instigate these world "problems".
if we kept to ourselves rather than be
"peace keeper" to the world, would there be so
many peoples upset with us?
...how many countries are bombing switzerland?

power to the peaceful, ya'll


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(Deleted comment)
Dec. 30th, 2008 10:07 pm (UTC)
manifest-o !!!
my ears are burnin'
i'm sketchin' a peace rite now...
called "power to the peaceful".
i have 'til the 9th to submit, rite.
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