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pissed...im gonna be rich !!! part 1

last night, rachel maddow was discussin'
the bailout.  she decided to try to open 
The 1st National Bank of Rachel Maddow.
she found that it took very little to apply...
(from the SEC)
an application of 2 pages and 
 a minimal # of simply simple questions...
on top of that, you can use a representitve
to sign the application for you...
seems easy enough...

now i understand,
that the financial institutions are not required
to answer any questions about whut they're
doin' with it.

now, you regular readers... an' you know 
who you are...have read about my
1st Global Crescent City Social Aid-n- Pleasure Bank-n Trust,
which has been in existence for 4 or 5 weeks now...
it has been successful in infancy but,
i see possible trouble on the horiizon... so
i shall download the application for bailout
(from the SEC...securities exchange commission) ?
i shall write the answers to the simple questions and
i will have sumone else sign it 

i should receive my wired $billion within days
of their receipt of this application
and i will quickly wire it to the caymans.

would anyone care for a copy of the application?