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on the road ... to d.c.

hotel room... outside atlanta
watchin' snakes on a plane
nasty ass snakes.
very pleasant ride up.
malcolm only pee-d
every 32 miles
we got astronaut diapers
but he declined.
not too cold yet..
lisa is comfy in her new pj's
ms. betty is already asleep.
we told her we would pick her up
eeaarly... we picked her up at the
crack of 10:30.
i wanted to make it greenville s.c.
but this is fine.
it  is now 23 d-grees
thank you atlanta 



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Jan. 17th, 2009 06:12 pm (UTC)
it's warmed up to 19 degrees today! woo hoo! but tomorrow it's supposed to get to 41 and possibly snow. so that will be better than this biting cold.

give a call if you wanna hook up when you get here.
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