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throwda baby outda window...

meet de boys on da battlefront
lets go get 'em
im tha keepa
keepa  a tha crown
big chief gotta golden crown
fe na nay
bon ton roulet
whut i say
green room smokin'
plaza burnin' down
dont make me mad
i know im bad
big chieeef
rite here from new orrleanz
eh la bah 
ooo la la
on mardi gra
come see come sah
right place wrong time
walkin' on guilded splinters
wit tha king of tha zulu
let tha good times roll
spy boyyy
check mr. popeye
hurry up an' know it
done got over
oop poo pa doo  
who shot tha lala
funkify ya life
git on down
i wanna jump but
im afraid i'll fall
i wanna holla but 
tha joint to small

throwda baby outda window...