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inauguration... one

in richmond, on tuesday
we woke at 2:30 a.m.
to get to our charter bus
which wuz leaving at 4:00 a.m.
unbelievably, we arrived
by 6:00 a.m.

the sun wuz rising
as we arrived at the mall

security wuz lax...

we walked to the lincoln memorial...

saw steven spielberg
on the way...

took photos at the memorial...
malcolm an' ms. betty
were energized.

as well as lisa an' i...

 we then settled into
our spot in front of a jumbo-tron
where we saw cheney in a wheelchair
(pulled his back while packin')

then came the village's idiot

then a hat attached to a
soul queen sang "america the beautiful"
all on a beautiful day !!!

then came the moment
we were waitin' for...

very exciting...
after a bit of dancin'
ms. betty done fell out,
we needed a break...

more coming in 
inauguration ...two


on the road ... to d.c.

hotel room... outside atlanta
watchin' snakes on a plane
nasty ass snakes.
very pleasant ride up.
malcolm only pee-d
every 32 miles
we got astronaut diapers
but he declined.
not too cold yet..
lisa is comfy in her new pj's
ms. betty is already asleep.
we told her we would pick her up
eeaarly... we picked her up at the
crack of 10:30.
i wanted to make it greenville s.c.
but this is fine.
it  is now 23 d-grees
thank you atlanta 


2009 (part 4)

this just in...
in his last press conference
bush claims his
actions saved 30,000 people
right after storm...
by not landin' air force 1
in b.r. or n.o.
which in turn allowed thousands of
policemen to complete their jobs.
its a lot like that time
i swooped into d.c. an' saved
the washington monument



2009 (part 3)

fixed the hair...
now we are prepping
for the "mother" of all road trips...
will there be
1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, or 3 million
of our closest friends
on the road to d.c.




2009 (part 2)...

...been cuttin' my own
hair for over 15 years...
this may be the worst  yet...


throwda baby outda window...

meet de boys on da battlefront
lets go get 'em
im tha keepa
keepa  a tha crown
big chief gotta golden crown
fe na nay
bon ton roulet
whut i say
green room smokin'
plaza burnin' down
dont make me mad
i know im bad
big chieeef
rite here from new orrleanz
eh la bah 
ooo la la
on mardi gra
come see come sah
right place wrong time
walkin' on guilded splinters
wit tha king of tha zulu
let tha good times roll
spy boyyy
check mr. popeye
hurry up an' know it
done got over
oop poo pa doo  
who shot tha lala
funkify ya life
git on down
i wanna jump but
im afraid i'll fall
i wanna holla but 
tha joint to small

throwda baby outda window...

2009 (part 1 )...

man, we blew sum sh!t up...

! haven't bought f!reworks
!n years.

m. an'  ! got sum th!s afternoon...

man, we blew sum sh!t up...
the power,
the smell.
the br!ght l!tes of the fi!retruck,

...we blew sum sh!t up !!!

'appy new year...
blow sumth!n' up .



i like to think
i am a simple man,
reducing ideas to the least
common denominator.

thinking about but,
not really worrying about...
problems much bigger than i,
enigmas wrapped around quagmires.

for example,
rather than give the BIG 3 $billions...
each taxpayer should
receive a coupon for a vehicle.

instead of giving WALL ST.
$billions, give each taxpayer
a voucher to invest.

this i believe,
would help every ONE of us...
as a whole.

we have national problem
with gun violence...
and gun owners want to keep
their guns... just stop making 
the ammo.

again, simple ideas from 
a simple thinking man.

bombs in GAZA...
two of the oldest religions in
the world, fighting for thousands
of years. it sounds as if the zealots
are the problem. these zealots should
evolve into some sort of monk-like theology,
similar to their neighbors to the east.
be spiritual leaders of people and
not warriors for land.

to instigate these world "problems".
if we kept to ourselves rather than be
"peace keeper" to the world, would there be so
many peoples upset with us?
...how many countries are bombing switzerland?

power to the peaceful, ya'll

pissed...im gonna be rich !!! part 1

last night, rachel maddow was discussin'
the bailout.  she decided to try to open 
The 1st National Bank of Rachel Maddow.
she found that it took very little to apply...
(from the SEC)
an application of 2 pages and 
 a minimal # of simply simple questions...
on top of that, you can use a representitve
to sign the application for you...
seems easy enough...

now i understand,
that the financial institutions are not required
to answer any questions about whut they're
doin' with it.

now, you regular readers... an' you know 
who you are...have read about my
1st Global Crescent City Social Aid-n- Pleasure Bank-n Trust,
which has been in existence for 4 or 5 weeks now...
it has been successful in infancy but,
i see possible trouble on the horiizon... so
i shall download the application for bailout
(from the SEC...securities exchange commission) ?
i shall write the answers to the simple questions and
i will have sumone else sign it 

i should receive my wired $billion within days
of their receipt of this application
and i will quickly wire it to the caymans.

would anyone care for a copy of the application?

bon fyre roulet...

the sub-urban gueriillas
are leavin' at 2:30 in the afternoon
on the 24th...
headed upriver to gramercy...
to all you mid city peeps
who absolutely must have a bonfyre,
this is a good way to get ya fix.
100, posibly 101 fyres, up 'n ' down the river.

dang, oz playin' ernie viincent's Dap Walk...yea-uh

anywaze, we got beer,wine,vodka.
a grill an' lam'chops,sausage,pasta.

...an' matches.
ho ho ho
join us !!!